Signature Blend – The Gioconda Signature blend has been meticulously developed and perfected over time to suit both espresso and milk based coffees alike. With thick crema the blend is a medium roast utilizing origins from South America and Asia for various taste profiles.The end result is a well balanced coffee with a deep rich body and creamy mouth feel.

Dark Roast – A darker roast of our Signature Blend  with a stronger cocoa  flavour and muted acidity. Perfect for those who enjoy a coffee with a bit more body.  Ideal  for a milk based coffee and to use in plungers and stove top espresso makers.

Single Origin – Our standard single origin coffee  is an Ethopian Sidamo bean , we also utilize other single origin beans on a regular basis.. It is a certified Rain forest Alliance bean and offers fantastic taste profiles.

DeCaf – Our decaf coffee is a Guatemalan Decaffeinated bean. It is processed utilizing the Swiss Water method and is one hundred percent chemical free.

Roasted as a medium roast this coffee is a well balanced and offers a fantastic option to those looking for a quality tasting coffee without the caffeine levels.